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                Company Profile

                Hangzhou Kanglida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of integrated shower room series products. The company is located in the scenic "paradise on earth"-Hangzhou City. Near Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and Xiaoshan Airport, it is only half an hour's drive from Qiantang River, and the traffic is very convenient.

                The company has production units such as molds, processing, blister, coating, assembly, etc., which can quickly develop and produce a new generation of products that fully meet market needs. The company also constantly understands customers through methods and methods such as websites, trade fairs, and market surveys. In order to make the company¡¯s products continue to be marketable, the company also has agents in large and medium-sized cities across the country and has a complete after-sales service system. We can provide every customer¡¯s needs in the shortest possible time. Satisfy.

                The company¡¯s products have been tested by the Hangzhou Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the People¡¯s Insurance Company of China has provided liability insurance for product quality. In 2001, the company introduced ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standards to continuously improve and improve the company¡¯s management system in all aspects, with a view to High-quality products continue to meet market demand.

                At present, the company has made concerted efforts to plan ahead, and is fully prepared to stimulate market competition after joining the WTO, and has also made a grand plan for the company's development in the 21st century.

                The company warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life to come and negotiate!

                Company Culture

                • Enterprise spirit

                  One heart, one virtue, one endeavor, the same honor and disgrace;

                • Business purpose

                  Two books with double wins, two books: industry is people-oriented, people are sincere.

                • Business philosophy

                  To be fine, to be refined, to be refined, to be long, and to be long, to be strong.

                • Service purposes

                  Service first-do the best for customers and solve customer needs in the first time.

                • Employment concept

                  A stage for successful people and a fertile ground for ideal realization.

                • Quality policy

                  Quality-oriented, management innovation; customer first, sustainable development.

                Marketing Network